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A meta narrative story, a survival story, a travelogue, a chosen one story, and a changeling lore cult story. But how does the world end? That's up to you to decide.

There are five routes to travel to the end of the world, but we're glad you decided to fly this one...


It’s the end of the world as we know it and our Story, the story that holds all of us together, does not feel fine. Not at all.
The primordial embodiment of darkness tried to strip the Nine Realms of its Story. Of its hope, but it didn’t anticipate the second coming of the Storytellers. The Storytellers who breathe, dream, and live stories. The stories have returned to choose new Storytellers across all Nine Realms to give the Story it’s pieces back, story by story.
Only then can the world be saved or ended in accordance with the end of the Story.
Storytellers is a second-person narrative storytelling anthology podcast collection inspired by fairy tales and mythology about strong female characters and chaotic queer antics. Come for the chaotic queerness, stay for the stories about strength, hope, and love.

Spin-Off: Wanderer


In an astral plane separate from the plane the Nine Realms exists on is an organization called Hitchhikers and Puddle Jumpers Incorporated. The employees of this particular organization beta test and take field notes on alternative plotlines. The organization has a 5% success rate of getting through a plotline alive, that’s six whole percentage points up from last year!!!
And just five kilometres away from that organization is a tea shop at the end of the universe. It’s a liminal space for wayward travellers and it makes a mean cup of cardamom tea. It also has quite a mind of its own, possible compliments of the shop’s wonky AI, Rachel-Iris 2.0.
In this workplace comedy spin-off series of Storytellers in the style of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, four patrons (and two AI) try not to die or throw up as they saunter uncontrollably across thousands of alternative plotlines in Madhavi’s Travelling Tea Shop. These characters will attempt to uncover the bigger picture, understand the scope of humanity, and where we’re all headed as we shuffle vaguely onwards towards our demise. Or the question to 42. Whatever comes first.
So, don’t forget your towel, your copy of Hitchhiker’s Guide to Alternative Plotlines and your speciality tea as you saunter vaguely through the plotlines!

Spin-Off: Seekers


Almost everyone knows the folklore of the changelings; faerie folk who get traded for mortals to have the faerie children spend its time in the mortal world and the mortal children spend their time in the faerie world.
But you are probably unfamiliar with the myth of the Shapeassumers and the Borrowers.
Faolan, the prince charming of alternative plot line #5, doesn’t know anything more than the good life of saving princesses and receiving high praise until he stumbles upon a conspiracy hidden within the pages of a tea-stained copy of Hitchhiker’s Guide to Alternative Plot Lines. As he does this, all around the multiverse, characters begin waking up and attempting to pull themselves away from their PERFECT plot lines.
One can’t imagine that Hitchhikers and Puddle Jumpers Incorporated is very pleased with this development…
In this epic fantasy series to follow the third episode of Travellers, characters uncover what it means to be real in a society that wants to make you a carbon copy of the perceived norm and accept the quest for a thousand XP to reclaim their rightful spots as player characters in the sandbox plot line.

But pay no attention to the people behind the curtain!

Rachel Rauch (they/them) - Producer, director, writer, and sometimes sound designer...also the show runner

(To be revealed in the IndieGoGo campaign)

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